I'm a true life-time motorcycle nut. Grew up on a farm with mini bikes, ATC's and dirt bikes. My first street bike (a Honda CB550 SuperSport) got me thrown out of the house my senior year (it's a long story). I've always loved the freedom, the access and the individual challenge of riding motorcycles. I raced MX locally in the early years and graduated to AMA/ProStar dragbike racing years later. I raced "professionally" for many years, racing ProET, SuperComp, TopGas and eventually ProStock. I was lucky enough to follow that dream and have some success. I sold the entire racing operation in 2005 and started a custom motorcycle shop called Old'S'cool BikeWorks.


I built many custom show winners and had several bikes in magazines in 5 different countries. Then came 2008 and the market crash, so I closed the doors and keep tinkering in my home garage. I've recently grown to the point of needing a shop again, so I'm back building customs but leaning towards the vintage european and cafe racer scene. 


I've gotten back to my off-road roots in recent years and have come to the place in life where dualsport travel is my favorite passtime. I'm extremely excited about the upcoming TransAmerican Trail trip! It's a true "bucket list" item and once in a lifetime experience. After, I'm thinking of doing the Arizona Backcountry Discovery route, the Tierra Del Fuego route from California to the southern tip of South America. Who knows after that! 


Cheers! ride on...


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