August 29, 2016

Woke up in Lake City in our little cabin, refreshed and ready to go. Rod actually slept in, so that was a plus. A little coffee, geared up and hit the trail a block from our cabin. Pretty tame ride up the point where Engineer Pass begins. Beautiful scenery in the canyons. Old mining spots, most falling down and covered partially with rock slides over years. Deep cut canyons with quite creeks running through them. The aspens and pines. Pretty incredible. Then it hits you right smack in the face as you make a steep right hand switchback up the hill. The incline is pretty breath taking and I found myself saying “there’s no way we’re getting up that”. The footing wasn’t bad and we made the first few climbs pretty easy.

As we were climbing I looked down and noticed my navigation tower that holds on my fairing, gps and all my electronics was bouncing wildly. A quick stop and look confirmed my fears. The U bolt clamp hold the entire thing to the bike had snapped from the severe shaking. We too...

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