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When 5 gallons isn’t quite enough

Headed out of Cloudland Canyon State Park and rode down the back side of Lookout Mt, up across the Tennessee river and wound out way through south Tennessee on Sam’s tracks. A ton of little off road excursions combined with lots of curvy, twisty packed sections and passing through little towns was the order of the day. Not much super exciting but pretty and relaxing. Again, we didn’t seem to get very far on the map, but put in over 200 miles! The route is certainly NOT a straight line from point A to point B, which is exactly why we chose to use Sam’s tracks here in the beginning. Kevin’s route is ALL paved through there and pretty much a big bike road tour route. We’re on ADVENTURE BIKES DAMMITT!!! We want to ride this as much off road a possible, so Sams’s route got the nod for this section.

Ended the day staying near Fayetteville TN at the David Crocket State Park. Again, an excellent choice if you’re motorcycle camping. Sites with power, water and showers! I know were enjoying taking advantage of these amenities while we can. I’m sure it’ll get pretty primitive once we get out west.

The only excitement of the day was when I ran out of gas. The other guys are carrying 6 gals each. I’m carrying barely 5 gals in my tanks, with another 2 gals in the RotoPax and MSR bottles. We had passed a station and thought we’d make the next town no problem, until mine started sputtering on Main Street of the town and died with half a block to go. Corey was nice enough to run back and help me push it to the station! TEAM WORK BABY!! Day 3 in the books!

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