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Man Down!

Started the day from Corinth Mississippi at the wonderful Quality Inn. We discovered after checking in that this is likely one of the town hot beds for meth heads and crack heads. I swear I saw several deals go down and the hotel desk clerk confirmed our suspicions. Regardless, it was good to do our laundry, recharge all the electronics, catch up on the blog/videos/website and SLEEP on a real bed!

Once packed and ready to go, we decided to put on our rain gear since rain was likely. We come to the theory that if you wear your rain gear, it will never rain. Later after lunch I broke ranks and removed mine. It POURED 10 minutes later. Lesson learned.

The riding today was a mix nice Mississippi backroads and some gravel forestry roads. While stopped in one town for lunch, the local County Road guy stopped us and said to avoid a certain part of the trail because they were working on the bridges. We rolled the dice and found the roads open and the road crew was kind enough to move the barricade and let us go.

The gravel roads quickly turned to mud after the rain and got SUPER slippery. After a few close calls, Corey officially broke ice and took a fall in the Mississippi mud. He said later, “I didn’t fall off, I STEPPED off!”. Video confirmation came later at camp. No worse for wear, we picked it back up and headed on down the road. Things got better and finally the mud disappeared and all was right once again. But as luck would have it, we ran directly into the rain storm. Rain gear one we just kept riding, even though we really couldn’t see much. It finally stopped and we set a course for Lake Enid State Park. Beautiful place with camp sight directly on the lake! With a possible storm coming on, we set up on the RV pads to keep dry.

We’re hoping the storm front we see on radar goes another direction tonight. Stay posted!



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