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Rod and I met early for breakfast and begin planning out our trip for the next several days. I think we can make better time now that it’s just 2 of us. We decided to try and make up some ground today and get deep into eastern Oklahoma. After stopping at Auto Zone for a new bulb for my headlight and washing the Mississippi and Arkansas mud off our bikes, we throttled hard for Oklahoma. Not a lot to report today, because it’s pretty boring riding this area. We did meet some interesting people at every stop. Like the guy fishing in the Illinois river from a kayak or the lady at the gas station. Everyone always ask “we ya headed?”. I like seeing the look on their faces when I respond with “Oregon”. Then the explanation of the TAT etc etc begins. In general, people have been great everywhere we go.

We did have a crazy idea that has kind of blossomed into a daily routine. We ask random people we run into who they’re voting for in November. So far, it’s a resounding “No one!!”. It’s amazing how people think NOT voting is going to help the situation. I will say I was shocked that more “average” people, especially here in the south, aren’t more concerned about how this election will affect them, their children AND their grandchildren. Head in the sand mentality. Regardless, there were Trump signs everywhere and haven’t seen a Hillary sign yet, not even in Arkansas.

Anyway, back to the ride. We got to our original stopping point early and decided to keep on riding because the campground sucked. Bath house was nasty. We agreed to ride until dark and make it to Barlettsville Oklahoma and get a hotel. I think Rod is getting soft and starting to get into this hotel thing. The next couple days are going to be droning through Oklahoma, so I may actually combine a couple days due to lack of excitement (sorry Sooners).



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