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“Rocky Mountain High”

We finally had a day with no issues, no weather, no bad conditions…just perfect weather and riding! Made our way from the base of the mountains at Westcliffe Colorado, up and over Marshall Pass and the Continental Divide. The riding was pretty easy and relaxed. The groves of aspen trees at 8,000 to 10,000 ft is pretty amazing. We grabbed a quick snack in Salida, an old ranching town turned yuppy paradise. Artsy shops, studios, cafes and pubs lined the streets downtown, oh and how can you forget, cannabis shops EVERYWHERE!! Not sure if I could live here knowing that the guy driving down the street toward you is stoned out of his mind. Talked to some locals and they’re not too happy about it.

Mounted up and riding toward our final destination of Gunnison Colorado. Service appointment tomorrow morning for Katie Goat and Rod’s Super Beast 950 so we were excited to get there early. Along the road leading down the mountain towards Sargents Colorado, we were over taken by 2 KTM’s and 2 Huskys doing about 60mph!! A few miles further down the hill, one of their group had run out of gas. We pulled over and I gave him a liter (since I’m carrying 2 extra gallons). We talked for a bit and discovered they’re from Denver headed for the passes around Ouray. They jumped back on and ripped away. We finally arrived in Gunnison and found a hotel and grabbed a burger at the local establishment called The Gunnysack. Good grub!!

Going to sleep in, take the bikes to the shop at 9am, do laundry and chill! BIG passes coming in a few days so I need to get rested up.



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