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“New tires, rain and mud”

We got to sleep in a little this morning because our service appointments weren’t until 9am and it was across the street. The guys at Sunsports Powersports ( were awesome. They got our bikes right in and did a killer job getting everything squared away and good to go. While we were waiting we had a chance to do laundry and chill for the morning. We walked down the street to the local Husqvarna dealership, Gunnison Motorsports and discovered it was owned by former Pro racer Fritz Kadlec. This guy is a living legend in the Pro Enduro world. His resume on their website ( is like 3 paragraphs long, highlighted by 8 Time ISDE participant winning 6 GOLD Medals 2 SILVER Medals. We talked to him for a while and had a great conversation.

The bikes were done at noon and we geared up and hit the trail. Beautiful sunny ride 20 miles down a curvy 2 lane to the trail. Once on the trail we ran into our old nemesis, RAIN!! It lasted about 10-15 miles and was BRUTALLY cold!! We had every thread of clothing on we brought and it was STILL cold. The trail has now basically turned in to a slippery, slimy track with NO way to find a good line. You just had to point it and pray it didn’t slide out from under you. Once the sun came back out we were treated to one of the most breath taking rides I’ve had in a long time. It was a red rock box canyon with a stream running through it. We rode through it for 10-15 minutes and it was incredible.

We arrived in Lake City Colorado tonight and reluctantly got a cabin rather camping because of the rain and cold. We have the biggest day of our trip so far tomorrow as we cross the Rockies and go through Engineer Pass. Reports are there’s snow and wet conditions so I’m a little apprehensive. So it’s a good night sleep in a warm bed for us and hopefully a safe ride over the mountain tomorrow!



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