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Mosko Moto Backcountry 35 panniers / 30 Top bag system

Last minute audible... After fabricating the extensions for the R80 system, getting it mounted and packed, I've had to go another direction. I found after installing the Seat Concepts tall comfort seat, the R80"s base put too much pressure on the seat to let it release from the locking mechanism. Since I have the Rade Garage auxillery fuel cell under the seat, I have to have access to there at every fuel stop. Unfortunately, I had to remove the entire R80 system to do so. With a quick call to Washington state, Mosko Moto got there top of the line Backcountry 35 pannier system on the way to replace the R80. 

Upon arriving, it took less 30 minutes to install the mounting pucks and wedges to my already installed Touratech pannier racks. This mounting system is the best I've seen! Quick, solid and the bag absolutely do not "flop" around. Talking abou the bags, they're HUGE!! The waterproof liners pull out with ease and the built in rear facing bags are perfect for two 1 liter fuel bottles (so I can carry another gallon with 4 bottles). I also attached Mosko's large Molle bags to the front for even more added storage. ended up putting HD tire tubes in one and my bourbon flask and some other misc items in the other. The most ingenious idea with these panniers are the adjustable "beavertail" on each bag. I think these are going to be invaluable when packing out in mornings and putting you wet rain fly or ground cover in them to dry. 


I chose to go with the Backcountry 30 top bag to bring my total capacity to 100 liters. With us being gone for nearly 2 months, I can not only take everything I wanted to take, but I have some "breathing room" when things don't pack as tight as they did day one. I'm super excited to get out and test these things! The engineering and design are like no other and the materials are as they say, "bomb proof". Stay tuned to the Blog for daily reports!


Rade Garage

Rally Fairing kit, aux fuel cell and rally foot pegs 

Installing this fairing kit was almost as easy as ordering it! It truly is a "plug and play" system. It bolts directly on the frame neck and all the stock lights plug straight up to the wiring harness! Installed in 10 minutes! I completed the dash by added my Touratech Garmin mount and a couple weather-proof USB plugs from 3BR Motorsports. SWEET!

The under seat fuel cell was almost as easy to install and hold another 1.7 US gals. It connects straight to the main tank and has an "on/off" valve. I also installed an inline filter and a quick disconnect for easy of removal when needed. Used some NASCAR grade heat wrap from DEI under the tank and around the fuel line for good measure.

The black, billet aluminum large, dropped foot pegs are in a word...AWESOME!! Some of the best I've seen! All in all, Rade's workmanship, customer service and support is top shelve! Thanks again!

Perun Moto Pannier plates, Luggage Rack. Extension plate and Mstr Cylinder guard

Just finished installing these beauties today. Awesome workmanship! This guy really is a pleasure to work with and does top shelf work. Even coming from Serbia, the communication and shipping were excellent! All the parts just fell into place and fit perfectly. I also got the KTM 690 subframe reinforcement kit that I'll install later.


Check out his site at


RotoPax fuel cell

Installed an 1 gal fuel cell on the luggage rack for the recent MarchMotoMadness weekend. Can't say enough about these units. Strong, light and leak proof. Went through some pretty rough terrain and not a drip from the spout and the mount never budged. Thanks to AltRider for the quick shipping!


SmartMoto SAS removal kit / Airbox removal and Fan switch Kits

Found these people on eBay and couldn't be happier with the products and service. The SAS block off plate and wiring harness was top notch and fit perfect. instructions were simple and direct. I'd highly recommend SmartMoto and their products! 


I also purchased a small K&N breather filter for the crankcase hose and a K&N KNN-RU-1750 filter to replace the HUGE airbox in preparation of installing the RADE Garage under seat fuel cell. Covered the filter with a K&N KNN-RU-1750DB micro filter cover..

The radiator fan switch kit was a simple "plug and play" situation and was invaluable during the 110 degree heat in the Sonoran desert!


All worked GREAT during the weekend riding and no issues with FI lights and such. :)

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