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My right foot wasn’t long enough

Up at dawn at the KOA, packed and one the road. All the drama from the homeless guy didn’t seem to create any issues for us during the night. The local police were nice enough to do a couple drive by’s during the night and make sure he didn’t come back to steal our stuff. All our issues got handled and we’re looking to get back on track. Great day of riding through the Cohutta Wilderness! The dust here was TERRIBLE!!! Luckily for Corey, he had the Sam’s tracks and ended up being our lead dog so far, so he stayed clean. Rod and I ended up looking like chimney sweeps from head to toe. And this stuff gets EVERYWHERE!! I had purchased a “HOO RAG” (look them up, great product) for the dust of Oklahoma, but happy to have had it here.

It didn’t seem like we were getting very far even though we were logging miles. Weaving in and out of the WLA’s and other off road tracks were really fun. Cut across I75 south of Dalton GA and made tracks for Cloudland State Park. Pretty amazing place if you ever get a chance to stop. We licked out and there was NO ONE else in the campground. We took RV stops and were able to plug in all our electronic to charge. Awesome campground with showers, power and nice sites. After a great, quiet night of rest, we stopped at the Ranger station to pay and realized our tires were low. One of the Rangers heard us talking about it and ran and got his air compressor. Nice guy!

So why the title of today’s blog? During one of runs through the Cohutta Wilderness, Corey and Rod were ahead of me and I was filming. We came to an intersection of a couple trails and stopped to see which way to go. Rod rolled up to Corey’s left and stopped. Unfortunately, the ground sloped to the right and his KTM 950 Super Beast is pretty tall. Rod put his foot down, but no ground met his foot and a slow motion fall began. Looked like motorcycle domino’s. The look on Corey’s face was priceless as he yelled “What are you doing”??? After we picked up the bikes, Rod explained…”I tried putting my foot down, but my right foot wasn’t long enough!”… Indeed.



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