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“This is a fine mess you’ve gotten us into this time Ollie”

Pulled out of the J&M motel early morning and stopped at Bendi’s Café for breakfast and to plan the day. Seems like every little town we stop in, we run into super nice people! The couple that owned the motel for 30 plus years and the ladies at the café were some of the best I’ve met so far. After an awesome home cooked meal, we hopped on the bikes and headed north west. It didn’t take long before the little Arkansas field roads we were on turned to mud.

At one point they were working on constructing what looked like a new levy and had a “Road Closed” sign posted. Of course we ignored it and rode around it. Not nearly a half mile down the road, it got MUDDDDDYYY! Rod went first saying over the com’s, “We can make it”. Literally 2 ft later, he said “No we can’t”. Yes Ollie, fine mess because the mud became impassable and we had to detour around. Spent most of the day winding around these gravel roads surrounded by fields full of crops.

We did make a little detour up to Searcy and Sunrise Powersports to pick up the new brake pedal for Rod. He had called CJ Designs a few days before and one drop shipped to this dealership. Talk about customer service, CJ’s is topshelf! We grabbed a quick lunch while in town and headed back to the trail.

We set out sites on a nice lake in north Arkansas and plotted a course. They first place we tagged turned out to be pretty nasty, so we headed further north to a State Park directly on the lake. The camp sites are awesome, right on the water under the trees. It’s gonna be a great night and hopefully a great night sleep!



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